Taking advantage of the Cottage Foods Act

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December 12, 2018
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December 18, 2018

Taking advantage of the Cottage Foods Act

Thanks to the passionate and steadfast work of Western Colorado Alliance members like Monica Wiitanen at Small Potatoes Farm, the Colorado Cottage Food Act has enabled food producers throughout the state to make a living from their home kitchen. Read more in this recent feature article from 5280.com about Monica’s story and other Cottage Food entrepreneurs making an impact in their communities.

Our Alliance championed the bill which established the Cottage Foods Act, along with our primary sponsor, then-Senator Gail Schwartz, in 2012. The law ensures that farmers and home producers have safe and fair opportunities to sell their produce and homemade foods. In 2015, we passed a follow-up bill to include products like pickles and salsa so small producers have more ways to market their fruit and vegetable crops.

Our Alliance is committed to a vision of Homegrown Prosperity where the Western Slope is home to diverse and resilient local economies that work for all of us.

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